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L-Cloud Course Online Certification

Adaptable Cloud Education Leader - Online Certification

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Course Description

Course Modules

Module 1 - Communication, Collaboration and Participation
Module 2 - Creativity, Innovation and Creation
Module 3 - Professional development
Module 4 - Ethics and Responsibility
Module 5 - Intercultural Relationships and Internalization
Module 6 - Pedagogical and Organizational

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PART A. Online Course / Modules (MOOC)

Study Modules 1-6
Required Answer for each module after studying
100-200 words giving an executive summary of the content of the module for each module completed
(feedback window per module for impressions and suggestions)- OPTIONAL

PART B: Application of the course learning into the Education Environment – Competence development for becoming adaptable cloud education leader

B1. Write a report including:
1. methodology used
2. plan/implementation/duration
3. results & impact/evaluation(measuring-indicators-evidence-cloud based tools used)
4. continuation/sustainability plan Length of report : 300 words (with annexes for links or other material used)

Criteria: Structure , Methodology and creativity, Plan of implementation, results, impact, risks & evaluation, sustainability

B2. a video of 3-5 minutes communicating the application described in Part B1 as a creativity vision report and evidence for its application and results, self-reflections and future steps. This video could be developed in either version
- candidate’s streaming video (provided in YouTube link)
- a presentation video with candidate’s voice over

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Target Audience

  • School Teachers
  • Adult Trainers
  • University teachers
  • Professional Trainers
  • School Managers

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